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Coconut Oil Pumping Spray - 100% Food Grade. 1.2 oz/bottle with Spray Cap

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Coconut oil is safe, 100% organic, with a micro spray to prevent excess on the flanges.

1.2 oz Bottle spray (33.0 mls)

Coconut oil can help to reduce or eliminate that discomfort by adding lubrication to your pumping session.

Out 100% organic coconut oil can be easily sprayed in the pump flanges, just one push spray is enough.

Pumping can be uncomfortable due to the friction that causes by rubbing against the flange of your breast pump.

Painful pumping can also be due to incorrect flange size. Pumping with flanges that are too big (where too much areola gets pulled in) or too small (where the nippl can’t move freely) can be painful. Please check our Fitting flanges to fix this issue.