Lacticups and Reusable Breastmilk Storage bags are HSA & FSA Eligible

Lacticups® Stoppers Replacement (These Stoppers ONLY Work with Lacticups®, Not on Other Brands)

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We have designed the stoppers to prevent spills when leaning forward or laying down.

To place the stoppers properly, make sure the  shape of the Stoppers, points towards the L (Lacticups®) logo printed on the cups.

AS A BONUS: The Stoppers can be used as Breastfeeding Reminders.

These are Color Coded. Just use the assigned color to be your reminder  and either wrap it around the bra strap or seal the lacti-cups with it on the side that you are going to be breastfeeding next time around.

Breastfeeding Reminders Explanation: When a woman is breastfeeding, she should start every nursing session with a different breast. But we get so busy , that often times we forget. The result is getting one breast way bigger than the other!  :D  To prevent this from happening, we must switch the breast that we start feeding every time. The breastfeeding reminders help us to keep track to on which breast we must start the next feeding session.

Just pick a color (pink or blue) to be your reminder color and wear that stopper on the side that you are finish the nursing session or on the side that you need to start nursing the next time. 


Stoppers are made of Silicone food and Medical grade.

The cost per set of stoppers: $5.00, not sold by color or unit.

Each set comes with one blue and one pink plug.

Get them to have an extra set in case one gets lost, or you just want to buy them as a breastfeeding reminder.

These can be used with the Original Lacticups® or the Essentials Lacticups®.

Lacticups® were created with Love, Inspired by Moms and their babies.