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THE DEAL: Get 2~ 1 Lacti-Cups Essentials (set) with Plugs and 1 Set of The Originals Lacti-Cups

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What makes this DEAL AMAZING: When you buy these 2 sets of Lacti-Cups you will have 2 sets to use and reuse and the plugs can be switch between sets, so you will always have a set available. You are saving from buying 2 Essentials and getting 2 sets without the extra cost.

Getting 2 sets of Lacti-Cups, makes it easier for you to switch the Lacti-cups without having to worry about washing immediately. 

Get the 2 Lacti-Cups and FREE SHIPPING.

Essentials Lacti-Cups with plugs that you can switch to The Original Lacti-Cups.

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